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How To Downsize Your Home: A Guide for Empty Nesters

There are many reasons to move, from new jobs to marriage and children. While many reasons result in moving to larger homes or different neighborhoods, empty nesters have an entirely different perspective on moving: they often want to downsize their home and reduce their living quarters to just what they need. We help empty nesters and seniors streamline their belongings and move to smaller homes all the time—and we have put together a few tips and tricks we have picked up along the way.

Leave Plenty of Time To Review and Reduce Belongings

Unlike other moves where items left behind are likely unwanted, the “stuff” accumulated by empty nesters may hold significant meaning to someone. A lot of relatives, friends and neighbors may have an interest in taking possessions that the homeowners do not want to take with them to the new home—but distributing so much stuff takes a lot of time. Tell everyone well in advance of your plans so they can come over and see what they wish to take. This way you aren’t scrambling to get belongings to others right before your big move.

Explore A Lot Of Different Places To Live

Unless you have always had your heart set on a specific area, this is likely one of your first opportunities to decide where to live based on just your own interests. Investigate all the places that catch your fancy and get to know the cultural landscape before you make a decision. Without having to worry about the quality of school districts or the proximity to family or job opportunities, you may be surprised by what you really want for your new dwelling.

Also check out different types of homes. A four bedroom colonial may have made sense when you had a growing family but that doesn’t mean a detached, single family home is the only option now. Consider townhomes, co-ops and row houses along with community developments and modern apartment buildings. You just never know what will feel right.

Wait For The Right Time To Move

Since you don’t have to move at a particular time, make sure you list, sell and close on your old and new homes at your convenience and when the market is optimal for you. Ask a realtor (or two) when the best time to sell your home would be and stick to the plan. Remember, you don’t need to jump on anything just yet.

Hire The Best Movers

Avoid crunch time to save money but don’t skimp on movers. A professional quality moving company will treat your heirlooms and long-treasured possessions with the care your items require. They will also have connections to additional resources to help make your transition as seamless as possible.