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Moving to The Garment District in NYC

The Garment District, located in the very heart of Midtown Manhattan, is slightly less than a square mile with a population of roughly 6,000 locals. It is a Manhattan neighborhood bustling with activity, which is due to its centermost location and endless transportation options. Metro-North, New Jersey Transit, New Jersey PATH, the Long Island Rail Road, sixteen subway lines and what seems like dozens of bus lines are all easily accessed from this NYC neighborhood. 


The Garment District is a place of architectural and fashion history. As New York’s early fashion industry began to boom, the Garment District became the center of it all. During the 1960s the Garment District had the largest concentration of skyscraper factories in the world and produced more than 90% of the country’s garments. Even now, the Garment District is the core of New York’s fashion industry.

Places to go & Things to do

The Garment District is one of the best-known centers of fashion in the US. The Fashion Walk of Fame is a landmark dedicated to American fashion, and there are plenty of places to shop. It also contains sites such as the Greenwich Savings Bank, open for nearly 150 years before its closing in 1981, at which point it was the sixteenth largest bank in the country.

The neighborhood has large, artistic architecture built back during its thriving time in the ’20s, such as the Fashion Tower, which was most recently renovated in 2015. The Garment District is a place to shop and see the sites of NYC.

Clothing isn’t the only thing you can shop for in the Garment District. Midtown Comics on 7th Ave is one of three shops located in Manhattan and the largest comic book shop in the United States. From Marvel to DC and plenty of other comics, Midtown Comics is a must-see for anyone with a love of comics coming to the Garment District. It doesn’t stop at comics, either; manga lovers and graphic novel fans are more than welcome, too, with plenty of series to choose from!

With sights, activities and hotels, the Garment District is an active place that welcomes tourists. You can learn all about the Garment District here.


Due to the vast transportation options in the area, the Garment District is an excellent neighborhood for anyone looking to relocate their business! If you’re looking to move to Manhattan’s Garment District, Shleppers moving company in New York City is the way to go.