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For the Family: Parents Talk About Moving to NJ From NYC

For all the jokes about New Jersey, it turns out lots of people want to live there. As New York City’s top relocation company, we move a lot of families. Some of the Moms and Dads were willing to tell us what motivated their decision to move from New York City to New Jersey. Here’s what they had to tell us.

Moving Out of NYC Means Saving Money

Comparing the cost of living in NYC with the cost of living in NJ led many parents to say “It’s time to move.” Not only are the rents and real estate prices in New Jersey lower, moving to NJ means no more paying NYC taxes. Kids are expensive, so saving money is a very big deal.

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We Need More Space – #1 Reason for Family Moves

Kids get bigger but apartments do not. Many parents tell us they’ve decided to move to New Jersey because the family needs more space, indoors and out. Giving kids their own bedroom and a backyard to play in is very appealing to a lot of families.


Family Friendly Lifestyle: Schools, Parks, and Activities

The fast, busy New York City lifestyle is perfect for some families, while others prefer an approach that’s more kid-centric. New Jersey is very family friendly, with excellent schools and strong communities. There are lots of parks, museums, and events for kids, as well as some truly phenomenal zoos. New Jersey offers lots of opportunities for families to have fun together without spending a lot of money.


A Younger Sibling is on the Way …Or a Loved One Needs a Place to Stay

The kids don’t always know this at the time, but sometimes the reason a family moves from NYC to NJ is because they have a younger sibling on the way. When there’s a new baby, that new baby needs a place to stay.  That’s not the only way families get larger. Many parents are having their parents move in, or an adult child or other loved one needs a place to stay. That means everyone needs more room.