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Computer Movers

Moving computers and electronics requires a certain type of care, precision and efficiency. Shleppers is experienced at moving and staging a variety of computing and data equipment. From personal PC workstations to phones to entire data centers. Shleppers is experienced handling full data center migration, and can move large scale electronics as well as prepare them for functionality in their new office. Our electronic services division is involved in numerous projects every single day giving them the range of expertise and ability to remain current with best practices. We are computer moving professionals, and our credentials are as extensive as our knowledge of moving and configuring complex network hardware.

Computer MovingOnce we arrive at your new office with your data center, computers and other electronic equipment, we will set up and assemble data racks. We take care of the technical work, so you can focus on moving your company and your team to your new office.

As specialized as we are in moving large scale data racks and complicated networks, we do not neglect smaller personal electronics. We treat IP Phones and PCs with care, so they arrive in your new space or data center working just like they did in your old office.

There is an art to data migration, and we have lots of experience perfecting the craft. We have the experience necessary to handle large scale PC workstation shifts, electronics move preparation, and data center support services. We know how to pack up and unpack servers and any network equipment you need to bring with you.

We also provide data center support services. We give our customers thorough assistance in solving all technological problems that may arise during the entirety of the instillation process. Our consulting services will be comprehensive to all of the equipment powering your network.

  • PC & Server Moves (Disco/Reco): Manage move of PC workstations, PC peripherals, IP phones, printer stations.
  • Electronics Prep/Packing: Specialized crating & Palletizing for servers, racks, mainframes, MRI, medical, etc.
  • Data Center Support Services: Fully supporting the dynamic layout of all equipment on a raised floor.

-Equipment moving/staging
-Rack set-up and assembly
-Network cabling

Contact us if you are moving offices and need to take your data center with you. Your network will be set up before you’re even settled in. We have the technical and logistical experience necessary to make us the perfect movers for your data center and electronics. We will make sure your business’ transition to your new space is frictionless, so you don’t lose any productivity or functionality during the move.