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Ready to Move to Chinatown, Manhattan?

Chinatown is a Manhattan neighborhood surrounded by Little Italy, Civic Center, Tribeca and the Lower East Side (LES). It is one of the oldest Chinese cultural communities, as well as home to the largest Chinese population in the Western Hemisphere. The area has gotten increasingly hip and family-friendly in more recent years. Its location is convenient, it’s shops are open late, and it’s the furthest thing from a suburb. Here’s what you need to know about moving to Chinatown, NYC…

Living in Chinatown, NYC

Moving Day

When it comes to a quiet neighborhood with little street traffic, Chinatown is anything but. Though a pain for moving in and out, living spaces consist of walkups and condos— pro tip: higher floor walk ups rent out for a bit less than their lower-floor counterparts – so you’ll want to be prepared to haul up your heavier items like sofas, televisions and mattresses.

Additionally, most walk ups are located atop shops and restaurants, so chances are, your new Chinatown apartment is right above a bustling street filled with brisk-walking pedestrians. Oh, and did we mention that most Chinatown streets are incredibly narrow? When moving day comes, you’re going to need plenty of space and time to unload your belongings safely, quickly and efficiently. Sure, you can try to move to Chinatown on your own through a DIY move, but double parking your rental moving van risks the possibility of being fined, ticketed or towed, as all of New York City is a designated Tow Away Zone.

For those of you who are okay with tempting fate, you should at the very least look up parking regulations for your block. You can do so with this map provided by the NYC Dept. of Transportation.

Choose Shleppers for Your Move to Chinatown

For Chinatown movers who have the knowledge and experience to move you into your new home free of fines or towed vehicles, you’ll want to contact Shleppers Moving & Storage. We have over 40 years in the relocation industry of New York City, so you can rest assured that your move will go as planned, and your belongings will remain in your possession.

Rental Costs in Chinatown

Most of the residential spaces in Chinatown are owned by mom-and-pop landlords. This means that your space comes as-is, without the trappings and extra amenities of a building that is owned by a major developer.

If the cost of renting in Chinatown is a concern, look for apartments between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. These spaces are a bit more reasonably priced. As you get closer to tourist areas such as Delancey St. and Mott and Mulberry St., rental costs begin to rise.

A great thing about moving with Shleppers is that we’ll adjust the costs of our services to work with your budget, which can end up saving you a nice chunk of change in comparison to those other guys.

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Living in Chinatown

Once you’re all moved into your new Chinatown home, revisit this blog and check out the links below for some excellent sources to help you experience your new neighborhood to the fullest extent!

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