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Boat and Car Storage in NYC

Boat Storage & Garages

Buying a boat is great to use while on water. But what to do with it when it’s not on water often poses a problem for those new to owning a boat. There are a few options when it comes to boat storage, often narrowed down into 2 categories: Self storage facility or storing it on your own.

Storing it on your own is a good option if you have the space. Another way to store it on your own would be a boat trailer. It allows for convenience to move your boat wherever you please on your own time. This would require either a large boat garage or shed, and it would have to be definitely taller than the average one, so most boat owners go in the storage facility direction.


Self storage facilities are easy to find, but obviously more expensive than storing it on your own. A good alternative is to call your local marina (Marina NY, Marina FL, Marina CA, Marina NJ)  and ask if they have boating storage. Many do and it is definitely the most convenient option.
Boat storage takes preparation. Here are some good steps to take before storing your boat:

Firstly, you need to support your boat. Without the water underneath it, the boat needs secondary devices to support it. These may include “jack stands” or blocks to keep the boat level.
Secondly, updating. Before storing the boat, update it. Consider what needs to be repaired. Fill the gas tank, check the engine, hoses, belts, clamps, motor, and everything in between.

Thirdly, covering. Covering your boat, especially during the winter season, and double especially if stored outside, is essential to keep your boat the same way you left it. This means keeping it unexposed to the elements. Recommended coverings are either canvas, shrink wrap, or a plastic tarp.

Car & Vehicle Storage in NYC

Boat and car storageIf your car is going to do nothing more than sit around and collect dust for an extended length of time, you may want to consider car storage. Storing it properly is essential in keeping your car in the best condition it can be.

Before storing it, take the following steps to leave your car in the best possible condition:

  • Fill the gas
  • Wash the exterior
  • Wash the interior
  • Change the oil, and inflate the tires.

These little ways of maintenance will make a big difference. Maintaining the car while at a storage unit in NYC, especially if you’re away from it, can be assisted.

Use a battery maintainer if you’re going to be away for over a month so that when you do get back to the car, the battery is not dead. Within the hood, remove the spark plugs, then spray some oil into the cylinders to prevent rusting. This will extend the lifespan of your car. If you’re storing your car outdoors, use a car cover to prevent the elements, such as dust, snow, or rain, from getting to the car.

For more long term storage, it may be most advisable to put your car up on jack stands. This prevents the tires flattening and the bottom of the car from damage.