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4 Awesome Things To Do With Moving Boxes After You Move

Did you move this summer? One of the hallmarks of a completed move is tons of empty moving boxes cluttering hallways, corners and storage spaces after you’ve unpacked. If you’re one of the many suffering from cardboard box overload and want a better option than simply tossing them to the curb, we have some exciting ideas for what to do with your leftover moving boxes.

1. Save Them For Holiday Gift Giving

Not sure what on earth you would put in an oversized wardrobe box? That is OK – you can make it fun and wrap small presents in big boxes to keep an element of surprise. After all, your loved one won’t expect a new digital camera at the bottom of a beautifully-wrapped wardrobe box. And of course, should you have large or oddly-shaped gifts, these extra large boxes will come in handy and save you from having to buy very expensive wrapping options during the holidays.

2. Create A Do-It-Yourself Playhouse For Your Children

Lots of boxes means lots of room for imagination. Whether you turn a large one into a new dollhouse or craft a multi-room playhouse complete with a cardboard-lined front porch, all those moving boxes can translate into plenty of free and fun activities for your children. You may need to help with cutting and assembly but hand over the markers and decorations to the kids and let their imaginations do the rest.

3. Design Unique Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family

Big boxes can easily be turned into a million different unique and creative Halloween costume ideas. From a TV set to a Rubik’s cube and a fire engine to an iPhone, you can pretty much be sure you’ll have the best costume on the block. For more ideas and some how-to guidance, check out this post by PopSugar on DIY Cardboard Box Costumes.

4. Offer Them To Another Family In Need

These days, just about every local community has a Facebook group where parents and residents can go to donate, swap or sell items. While you might be able to get a few dollars for your used boxes, you might also want to consider donating them to a local family who could use some help with free boxes for their upcoming move. Search Facebook by your town’s name to find a group—you’ll want to join anyway to keep abreast of local events and to meet new friends and neighbors.