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Your Life in a Box: Choosing the best container for your possessions

One of the first steps to moving is ordering boxes to handle your most prized possessions. These boxes make transporting your stuff, no matter how long the journey, more efficient, easier and organized. At Shleppers, we put tremendous care into each and every box we pack. Naturally, we provide high-quality shipping containers, boxes and moving supplies; we can provide you with all the supplies that you may need in order to move your belongings safely and securely.

Shleppers offers a huge selection of moving supplies, including tape, wardrobe boxes, kitchen boxes, bubble wrap and more. Please visit our website to view the entirety of our moving merchandise.

Schlepp our boxes and packing aids


Box Size and Protection

What size box should I be using? Boxes come in a variety of sizes based on what is being packed. Depending on what is being shipped, additional packaging such as bubble wrap or styrofoam is necessary to fully protect your goods.


Lastly, we at Shleppers want to ensure bliss as you move your assets between locations. With our easy system for ordering boxes and packing supplies, our dedicated staff team will ensure your goods are packed and transported with care. Don’t shlep, let Shleppers do the shlepping for you, allowing you to enjoy your moving experience and look forward to your final destination.