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Why We Sponsor: CUNYAC/Shleppers Men’s Volleyball Championship

Why We Sponsor: CUNYAC/Shleppers Men’s Volleyball Championship
Huge congratulations are in order for the Baruch College Men’s Volleyball team, who snagged their seventh consecutive title in last night’s CUNYAC/Shleppers Men’s Volleyball Championship. The Baruch Bearcats and Hunter Hawks had a hard fought game—and we were proud to be a sponsor!

Some might ask—why sponsor the CUNYAC/Shleppers Men’s Volleyball Championship? What does volleyball have to do with moving (aside from the very tongue-in-cheek connection of moving and volley)? Well, quite a bit actually.

Moving Starts Early

With over 30 years experience moving in and around New York, we have a long history of serving moving customers. We often meet our customers early in life and stay with them as they move through their life events. Starting with moving in and around dorms, first college apartments (remember the time you thought a 1 bedroom share with 3 roommates in Murray Hill was “great”?) and then first apartments or houses for budding professionals, we know that moving often starts in the college years. And then continues on for a very, very long time.

When you graduate college and head off into the world, you need the support of friends, family, professional mentors and yes, even a great moving company. Getting settled into a new city, a new apartment and a new life is no doubt exciting—but it can also be stressful and scary. The decision to sponsor the CUNYAC/Shleppers Men’s Volleyball Championship is a direct reflection of our dedication to supporting moves of all kinds, at all times in life.

To further extend this support, we’re also offering all CUNY students, alumni and staff the opportunity to save on their moving and/or storage needs with preferred pricing at 10% less than standard moving rates. Saving money is always great—but helping college students save money when they need it most is even better!

And don’t forget to read all the details of the Bearcats’ win over the Hawks! Congratulations again Baruch College!