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What Are Storage Services Exactly?

When most people think of storage, they picture month-to-month units, endless rows of metal and numbered doors, and long forgotten objects tucked away in boxes. Outside of urban areas, where storage services are utilized for a variety of common (and not-so-common) uses, suburban living doesn’t often equate to having a keen understanding of what storage services really entail. After all, between basements and attics, if you can’t store it then you might just want to clean out, right? Well—maybe, but you’re likely overlooking some of the major benefits of storage services.

Short Term Storage Services

One of the least recognized benefits of storage services is the use in short-term needs. From interim storage during a long move to protecting your belongings during home renovations, storage services provide suburban homeowners with an endless array of options for bridging the gaps created by major home events.

For example, many clients will keep their belongings in storage between moving out of their old home and into their new home. Especially if you have a lengthy gap between closing dates, utilizing storage services will help ensure your belongings are out of the way until you actually need them.

For home renovations, short-term storage services can provide an added level of protection that a basement, garage or even driveway storage cube cannot. From weather protection to temperature controlled units, even your most fragile and valuable items can be protected easily simply by putting them in a storage unit for the duration of the renovation.

Long Term Storage Services

On the other end of the spectrum for suburban dwellers are long-term storage services. From housing precious keepsakes in a temperature-controlled unit to storing entire rooms of furniture until you’re able to buy the home of your dreams, long term storage services can enable you to protect your belongings efficiently and at competitive costs to expanding your home or attempting to store it in a damp basement or drafty attic.

Perhaps you have a bedroom set, art or antiques that you simply don’t have room for but would like to hold on to for later. Long-term storage services can be the perfect solution to storing these items out of reach of potential damage and without claiming permanent storage space in your home.

What Do Storage Services Include?

In addition to the various uses for storage, many services may be available for storage customers. From round-the-clock security and temperature-controlled units to move-in concierge services and enhanced insurance protection, storage services run the gamut from basic to white glove. Be sure to ask your prospective storage company about how they can meet your needs and expectations to see if their services are a good fit.