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Shredding and Moving: Protecting your identity during a move

In today’s world, it is harder than ever to protect your crucial documents in the face of rampant identity theft. When moving and shipping your belongings, it is even easier for critical information to become lost or stolen. Files such as housing records, bills, receipts, old credit cards and even old computers are hotbeds for identity theft. At Shleppers, we want to ensure your move is as safe and efficient as possible.

A great first step is to ensure security online. Every day, thousands of passwords are compromised and accounts are broken into. Before you move, especially with interstate moving, it is strongly recommended to double check your accounts for suspicious activity. Websites like Gmail and Facebook even offer secondary security options using your smartphone, called two-step verification.

Additionally, shredding confidential documents from your old location before you move is essential. Files such as utility bills, legal letters, old credit cards and bank statements could be utilized to steal your identity. While Shleppers does not offer shredding services, we can coach you every step of the way in protecting your information and keeping financial matters safe.

Safety is essential during a big move, so our number one concern is customer satisfaction, efficiency, and of course: safety. Don’t take the risk of identity theft: shred your documents, protect your passwords and enjoy your move! Call Shleppers or visit our website today for more information and a free quote.