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Moving Traditions: For Good Luck in Your New Home

In the Old Country, there is a tradition that when a family moves into a new home, the community greets them with a gift of bread, salt and sugar. Bread symbolized the hospitality with which the new families was greeted and would be extending to people who arrived after them; the salt and sugar represent the necessities of life.

That’s only one good luck tradition associated with moving house. Different cultures have their own unique ways of celebrating a new home. Native Americans often burned sage and other fragrant herbs to cleanse a new home before moving in. Make sure to check building regulations before you do this: it’s not a good idea in no-smoking buildings!

Many cultures have a tradition involving fire and the first night in new home. If the home has a fireplace, tradition says you must light a fire in it on the first night. No fireplace? Lighting a candle is viewed the same way. Obviously, be extremely careful with fire: it’s not very lucky to burn your house down!

Another good luck moving tradition has to do with entering your new home by the front door, rather than the side or back door. Coming in through the front door is said to create a positive, forward moving energy that will abide with you throughout your time at the address. It’s certainly a more practical option than trying to climb in through a window!

Here’s a tradition little kids love. Ringing a bell in each room is said to be good luck. Give each kid a bell and let them ring to their hearts content: it will keep them entertained while you’re unpacking!

We know there are many more good luck traditions associated with moving. What stories have you heard? Share your story in the comments. If you know what country or background your tradition is from, we’d love to know that too!