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Get Your Moving Mojo Going: When You’re Not Motivated and Have To Pack

Some people get very excited about the prospect of moving. Other people? Not so much. One look at all the stuff they’ve accumulated in their NYC home is enough to prompt a serious Netflix binge: paying attention to what’s on TV is a great way to avoid looking at everything that needs to be packed.

If this is you, here are four tips you can use to get motivated and tackle the task of packing your stuff:

Moving Mojo Tip #1: Use Your Calendar as a Cattle Prod

You know when you need to move out of your place, but it’s very easy to postpone acknowledging what that means until the last possible second. Get your calendar out and give yourself a set of deadlines, including when the movers are coming to get your stuff and the final-final date when the entire apartment needs to be clean and the keys given back to the landlord.

Moving Mojo Tip #2: Have a Give It Away Party

Most of us have so much stuff that we never use, have no need for or just don’t want. Why go through the hassle of packing and moving that stuff? Pile everything you don’t want to move in one room, invite all your best buds over and have them take the things they want. Whatever’s left can be donated. It’s very freeing to shed excess possessions, and as a bonus, you have less stuff to pack!

Moving Mojo Tip #3: Work in Zones

Break your packing responsibilities down into manageable smaller jobs. Instead of trying to pack everything all at once, concentrate on packing the kitchen. Then move onto your bedroom, or your kids’ room, or the family room. Working room by room reduces a big job into a conquerable task!

Try timing yourself when you pack one zone. If it takes you an hour to pack up your kitchen, how quickly can you pack the next room? Racing for your own personal best makes moving a little more fun – just be sure to pack everything carefully enough so it survives its ride in the moving truck!

Moving Mojo Tip #4: Make a Fun Date with Your Friends – for AFTER You Get Packed

Schedule a fun evening with your best buds or treat yourself to the movie you’ve been meaning to see – after you have your packing chores taken care of. Having a reward to look forward to is a good motivator. When you’re faced with a mountain of boxes to fill, knowing that there’s some fun in store afterward makes getting to work easier!


If you absolutely, positively can’t find your moving mojo, talk to your NYC moving company about packing services. It costs a little more to have the professional movers pack your stuff, but if you’re short on time or just can’t bring yourself to tackle the job and get it done, it’s a life saver!