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Downsizing? 5 Sneaky Storage Ideas for Smaller Spaces

NYC Downsizing Tips: 5 Sneaky Storage Ideas for Smaller Spaces

No matter where you move in NYC, it’s likely to be that locating proper storage presents a complicated task. Unless you’ve relocated to a more spacious, suburban-style neighborhood in Queens, chances are your living space is limited.

Lucky for you, Shleppers Moving & Storage has been operating as a full-service local moving company in NYC for more than 40 years! That means we have a few NYC downsizing tips and tricks up our sleeves that can help you make the most out of your small living space…

Here are 5 sneaky storage ideas for smaller spaces, brought to you by Shleppers:

1. Install Wall-Mounted Furniture

Getting items off the floor is an important step in decluttering and reorganizing a small space, because it automatically makes the space feel more open. Consider installing wall-mounted storage furniture such as storage cubes, rectangular shelving, night stands, desks and even vanities! Wall-mounted cubes can be used as open storage, with items placed on the inside of the cube or on top. Or, you can place storage baskets inside the cubes to conceal the items inside!

Wall shelf with decorations

2. Think Vertical

Make sure you aren’t stuck in horizontal mode. Vertical, behind-the-door storage is a great way to maximize closet and pantry space. Different storage hangers can be used for shoes, clothes, and accessories. In addition, pantry space can be optimized with hanging spice racks.

3. Hidden Storages Spaces

Multi-purpose furniture is a great way to hide your storage space in plain sight. For example, a bathroom stool could also be a storage space for towels and toilet paper. A coffee table in the living room can be used as a chest to store blankets and other items. Finally, storage benches are great to use when you have guests visiting, and they provide a place for home essentials!

4. Maximizing Your Shelving

Make sure to work with the storage space you already have. Undershelf baskets provide an extra level of storage space within your existing shelves. When coffee mugs begin to pile up uncontrollably, consider adding an undershelf.

Under Shelf Storage

5. Use the Windows

The New York movers at Shleppers have seen an array of windows and know how much space they can occupy. With window storage, the space can be utilized all while maintaining a healthy amount of natural light. For example, floating shelves in front of kitchen windows can provide easy access to pots, pans, and other cooking utensils.

Move Smart with the Best Moving Company in NYC: Shleppers

Transitioning to a smaller living space has the potential to be quite a hassle. Choose Shleppers for a seamless moving experience. Whatever your moving needs may be, Shleppers is willing and able to help. Contact us with your moving needs and receive a FREE quote for your NYC move today!