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8 Signs You Are A Moving Expert

Let’s be honest – there are moving customers and then there are moving experts. Customers need a local moving company that can guide them through the unknown details that define their move and rely on the advice and guidance of movers like us. Moving experts however, while still customers, are so used to moving that they could even possibly teach us a thing or two (not really, but almost!) In fact, moving experts are so well trained in moving that it is easy to tell them apart. So we polled our relocation consultants to see what clear signs reveal their customers are moving experts.

1. You Have A Detailed Moving Inventory On File

We make a detailed move inventory of your items when you move with us but our expert customers have these filed away, update them routinely and are ready with their list in their first phone call to us. Experts know their exact inventory, down to cubic feet and weight and what requires special handling or care.

2. You Notice Random Moving Information

Novice moving customers would never notice the size of the elevator doesn’t accommodate their sectional—but you noted it when you first checked out your new apartment! You can’t help but be aware of all the nuances that will occur between your old living room and your new one.

3. You Are The Resident Address Updater In Your Circle

So used to updating your address that your friends and family ask you to take care of theirs also? We bet you know about our Updater service too! You know how to change your address, services and subscriptions without missing a beat because you’re a moving expert!

4. You Have The Skinny On Every Notable Neighborhood Around

Of course you know where the latest and greatest places are—you’ve lived near them all! From the Upper West Side and Hell’s Kitchen to Chelsea and the East Village, you have been there and done that.

5. You Can Really Read An Apartment Listing

Cozy breakfast nook? Efficiency kitchen? Sure, you’re eating next to the microwave. You have seen it all and know without looking what these apartments are really like; from pre-war alcoves to Murphy beds you will never forget. Seriously, some memories can’t be erased—sorry!

6. You Have Your Own Boxes—And A Space For Them!

Plenty of customers use their own boxes—but yours have been with you for years. You know exactly which items fit well in which box and you pack with such expertise that you sometimes wonder if you should unpack. Well, of course you should, but you easily store them away for your next inevitable move.

7. Your Friends Call You First

Why bother with agents and moving reviews when there is a friend like you? You know where to find apartments, who the best movers are and how to arrange your move in a snap! Your friends consult you more than anything else.

8. You Use Shleppers Moving & Storage

Well obviously, with nearly 40 years of experience, we know a thing or two about moving too. And moving experts tend to give away their prominence simply by showing they know to call us—who else could make such a great moving partner?

Enjoy your home, you rockstar moving expert! We will see you soon!