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15 Signs You Have Officially Become A Los Angeles Resident

Whether you’re moving to LA for the first time or you’ve been living there for a bit, there comes a point in time when your status will change from “new to LA” to “LA resident”. In case you’re wondering which camp you fall in, here are some signs that you’ve officially become a resident of Los Angeles.

  1. You include hiking in your list of activities for this weekend. Next weekend. Perhaps every weekend.
  2. You eat vegan or vegetarian food as a type of cuisine within your regular take out / dining out rotation.
  3. The beach exists as a backdrop to your life.
  4. You recognize the subtle changes in seasons occurring throughout the year and dress accordingly.
  5. Speaking of, you also don a sweater or sweatshirt any time it is below 63 degrees now.
  6. If you’re not hiking, you’re likely driving… everywhere, all the time. You spend a lot more time in your car and you’re used to it.
  7. You are fluent in freeways and traffic. Seriously, avoid the 5 freeway.
  8. The idea of a coyote in your area seems normal (ok, you’re still freaked out—but it is a different kind of freak out).
  9. Reusable bags, farmers markets and a green lifestyle aren’t just a choice anymore—they’re the lifestyle you and everyone you know has.
  10. You know the best place to get a taco. And you know that you can pretty much eat anything in a taco.
  11. You regularly consider how easy it would be to just go “spend the day in Mexico”.
  12. You’re either on a cleanse, considering one or know someone who is.
  13. There is a yoga mat in the back of your car.
  14. You know all the Los Angeles stereotypes (most of which we’ve covered here) and you’re no longer sure you’re going to disprove them!
  15. You remember where you came from but you wouldn’t want to go back—you can’t even imagine it anymore. After all, you’re officially a resident of Los Angeles and you love it here!