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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Cross Country Move

Get Help MovingIs California calling your name? If you’re West Coast bound, or planning a long distance move, you’ll want to read these do’s and don’ts that will make your journey much simpler and stress free:

Do: Be Strategic About What You Want To Bring With You

Before you have the movers pack up your boxes of cottage cheese containers and random yarn balls, ask yourself, will I really need these exact items in California? Can I possibly replace them when I’m out there? Will I actually need them at all? Snow shovels, for example, while handy to own in Manhattan, don’t see much use in Anaheim. Curating your possessions so you only bring items you’re happy you own and will want or need in the foreseeable future saves money, time and stress. The stuff you don’t want to move can be sold, donated, or disposed of as you see fit.

Don’t: Throw Out Everything You Own and Move With Nothing

That radically minimal lifestyle sounds wonderful – especially when you can’t face the idea of packing another moving box – but tossing all of your stuff isn’t really pragmatic. It can be expensive to replace all of your furniture, technology, clothing and books. When you’re ready to chuck everything, take a break for a few minutes. Go for a walk around the block or call a friend: reset your mood and then come back to the job, giving yourself permission to toss a few things if needed – but not everything!

Do: Take Advantage of Packing Services

If your NYC mover offers packing services, take them up on it. Cross country moves involve long, long hours in a plane or truck, where moving boxes get knocked around, dropped, kicked, and otherwise maltreated. If your items are well-packed and the moving boxes are strong and sturdy, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you skimp on the packing peanuts, well, that’s another story. Let the pros handle the packing and your stress level will go right down.

Don’t: Forget To Ask About Tracking Options

Knowing where your possessions are while they’re traveling to you can make the anxiety associated with a cross country move easier to bear. Ask your moving company how they track your items while they’re in transit: this may be something they do themselves or in partnership with a freight shipping company.

Do: Take Lots of Pictures When You Leave

You may think you never want to set eyes on your old NY neighborhood ever again, but do yourself a favor and snap a few pictures of your places -your apartment, your favorite coffee shop, things like that. Keep them somewhere safe. Later on, when you’re telling your new friends, colleagues and coworkers what it was like back on the East Coast, you’ll have images to show them!