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Best Days to Move in NYC

Best Days to Move in NYCMoving in NYC is always hard, but some days are harder than others. Moving companies may charge more and the moving process might take longer depending on the day of the week—or even the day of the month. Even the time of day can have a big impact on your moving experience. Many factors go into a smart move, but making the right choices can help.

The week to move

The most important decision you can make is choosing which day of the week to move. Moving companies tend to offer their best weekday prices from Tuesday through Thursday. These rates are effectively discount rates. Some moving companies will offer weekend moves at a cheaper price, but not all buildings will allow you to move in or out on a weekend. To take advantage of this, you should check with both buildings before scheduling a weekend move.

Move in the morning or evening?

Another decision is whether to move in the morning or evening. Moving in the morning gives you more time during the day in case something goes wrong. Morning moves also tend to be cheaper. However, whether moving in the morning or evening, avoid rush hours. Moving during a rush hour will only cost you extra time and money.

Best date to move

Avoid both the middle (the 14th through 16th) and the end of the month (the 27th of the current month to the second day of the following month). Most people move at the end of the month to get as much out of their lease as possible and save a little extra money. This makes these dates a hectic time for movers. People also tend to move mid-month in an attempt to avoid the end of month craze. That’s why it’s usually better to move shortly before the 14th or slightly after the 16th. Remember to watch out for holidays when planning your move, as many companies take holidays or holiday weekends off.

Most importantly, you should always do research on what moving company to hire. Some may offer flat rates and others charge hourly rates. Flat rates can be a good decision, especially for longer moves that have the potential to go way over schedule, but it’s important to research rates to avoid being overcharged or scammed. Remember, always look at the reviews of moving companies. If a company has a lot of fraud complaints, stay away.

A lot goes into making a good move in NYC. But if you select the best date and time of day to move, as well as the best moving company to use, you can look forward to a positive moving experience.