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10 Reasons To Move to Brooklyn

Thinking about moving to Brooklyn? The borough so large it would be the 4th largest US city if it were independent offers a ton to new residents–in fact, it may just be the perfect place for you.

10. You Don’t Actually Need Manhattan

There, we said it. And it is true—more so than ever before. Brooklyn offers everything New York does, from top attractions to amazing food to its own fairs and festivals. There is a Brooklyn version of anything you can do in Manhattan, including enough career opportunities to ensure you never actually have to leave your beloved borough. However, in case you do…

9. You Can Have A Car (And Grass)

Not everything in Brooklyn is a pricey walk up apartment quickly challenging Manhattan rents. In fact, there are areas in Brooklyn that still look remarkably “surburban” for city living. From houses to driveways and cars, Brooklyn offers the opportunity to have the kind of city living that our friends in Los Angeles and Miami know well—one with personal transportation!

8. Local Culture Is Still Reigning Supreme

While Brooklyn has made a lot of recent headlines about rising prices, burgeoning populations and developing areas, there is still a unique undercurrent defining Brooklyn-esque living. From independent bookstores and boutiques to local coffee shops with up and coming artists who live just around the corner, Brooklyn still holds its indie roots close to its heart.

7. Your Dog Is Very Welcome

New York City in general is actually fairly pet friendly to movers—but Brooklyn offers a lot of dog and cat friendly real estate in addition to a multitude of parks and recreational facilities that welcome your furry family. In fact, owning a dog can be a bit of a calling card in Brooklyn—many a relationship was born between dog lovers at the park.

6. World Class New York Teams Live Here

The Barclays Center brought with it some serious star power—meaning if you don’t want to hoof it to the Garden, you can have your own local teams right in your own backyard. Planning on raising a family here? Expect to see a lot of Nets and Islanders gear in your future. Home team rules apply!

5. The View of the Manhattan Skyline is Beautiful

Technically you could see it from Jersey too—but we’re not talking about Jersey. Manhattan may be known for its skyline but you can’t see it if you live there. Instead, Brooklyn locals know they have the best of both worlds—the Manhattan skyline views from their rooftop decks.

4. Amazing Attractions Abound

Prospect Park, Prospect Park Zoo, New York Aquarium, Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Brooklyn Museum… need we say more? For the record, the Brooklyn Museum is the second largest in New York City (take that!)

3. Local Beer, Wine and Spirits Are Made Here

That’s right, when we’re not showing off our local culture, amazing attractions or world-class teams, we’re brewing our own beer and distilling spirits—many of which are consumed throughout the country and the world.

2. Brooklyn Neighborhoods Are Still Real Neighborhoods

Sure, Manhattan residents lay claim to their various neighborhoods—but the true neighborhoods are in Brooklyn. Representing cultures, ethnicities and religions, Brooklyn has some of the fastest growing populations of a diverse and distinct set of groups—and the neighborhoods still hold true to their identities. If you’re looking for a cultural fit, there is likely a Brooklyn neighborhood for you.

1. Brooklyn Is An Exciting Place To Be Right Now

There is an argument among those in the know that living in Brooklyn now is a bit like living in Greenwich Village in the 1960s. True or not, there is still tremendous opportunity to find your niche and make Brooklyn your home, the way you want it.