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Welcome Home: Moving Snowbirds Back North

The annual migration of snowbirds back to the northeast is a time we love and cherish. For one, they’re some of our most beloved customers–we look forward to our semi-annual moving trips together. Plus, it gives us an opportunity to remind our customers and friends what to look out for when moving between homes. From managing utilities and renters to tracking furniture and grocery inventories, the following list is our “Best Of” advice for returning snowbirds!

1. Arrange For House Management Services

Whether your winter home is part of an association or community or you alone have responsibility for it, making sure you have the right services in place will help manage your home in your absence. If your winter home has preferred providers offered in the area, you will often find your best bet is to stick with them. They know the area, have a standardized offering and services and are already answerable to your friends and fellow residents.

If you’re going it alone, ask for recommendations from local businesses or even consider asking a trusted neighbor or handyman. You will likely want someone to check in at least weekly to make sure all is right–and more often than that if you plan to rent your home out while you’re back up north. With the rise of Airbnb, ancillary services have also become available to help you manage your property, provide amenities for guests and ensure the general cleanliness and security of your belongings. Just make sure to ask for referrals and regular reports in your absence.

2. Forward Mail, Utility Bills and Resident Notifications

You may not be on site but you are still responsible for receiving and responding to your mail and bills in a timely manner. If you cannot or do not wish to automate notifications to your email or apps, make sure that you forward your mail in advance. We recommend using a service like Updater, which can help you transfer all mail and address registrations in just a few clicks. Our customers and friends are welcome to use our Updater page at http://shleppers.updater.com.

3. Move Your Belongings In Advance

Try to get as much sent to your home ahead of your arrival as possible. You likely won’t want to cart all your clothing, accessories, furniture and other items so arranging for movers is your best bet to ensure your items are there when you need them. Especially if you have a lot of recreational summer equipment, making sure they are transported safely and quickly will help make sure you go from Florida golf course to Westchester golf course without a delay!

4. Plan For Groceries & Incidentals

You’ll want to empty your winter home’s refrigerator of any perishable items before you leave–but you also don’t want to show up to your summer home’s empty pantry on an empty stomach! Depending on whether your home is close to shopping or what time of day you plan to arrive, consider utilizing a delivery service such as Fresh Direct or a local personal shopping assistant. You can order all the staples you need to have a normal first morning in your home in just a few minutes on your computer or smartphone!

5. Dewinterize Your Home In Advance

Perhaps you turned off the water or beefed up security while you were away this winter. Hiring a service to prepare your home for your arrival in advance will help ensure a warm homecoming. Especially if you’re returning before summer is officially here, make sure both your heat and air conditioning are ready to work for you!

Need help moving back from Florida to New York? Our new South Florida branch can help get you on your way!