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DUMBO Moving

Moving to DUMBO? 4 Things You Need to Know

Once upon a time, there was a Brooklyn neighborhood known as Gairville. It has everything you’re looking for in terms of a nice community neighborhood, located on the waterfront with great views of Manhattan. Artists and creatives were attracted by the then-affordable rents, and you know how that goes: today, Gairville is DUMBO, and it’s one of New York’s fastest growing and most expensive neighborhoods. And in case you were wondering, DUMBO stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.”

What’s the Story with the Name?

If you’re a New Yorker, you know that everyone’s in a hurry and no one has an extra minute. It just takes too long to say Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, so people call the neighborhood DUMBO instead.  Many New York City neighborhoods are named this way – consider TriBeCa, SoHo and NoHo.

DUMBO: Brooklyn’s Tech Hub – NYU Incubator, Etsy Headquarters & More

One of the reasons people are moving to DUMBO in droves is that a quarter of the city’s tech-based firms make their home there. If you’re thinking of moving your business or tech start up to DUMBO, you should know that the rents are cheaper than what you’ll find in nearby Manhattan. Additionally, having a vibrant, thriving community of innovators and makers around spurs creative thinking and development.

DUMBO: Home of the Arts

DUMBO is home to numerous art galleries and creative businesses. It’s the combination of scenery and community that make DUMBO particularly appealing to artists and visionaries. It’s also one of the reasons moving to DUMBO can be challenging: film crews love making movies in DUMBO, which results in street closures and traffic delays.

Saving Money on Your Move To DUMBO

To keep the costs of your move to DUMBO under control, you’ll want to begin your planning process early. From a logistical perspective, DUMBO presents some unique challenges. In addition to the normal road repairs and construction issues you encounter anywhere in the city, DUMBO’s traffic patterns are impacted by numerous conferences and events throughout the year. When you know about these items in advance, and how they may impact your move, planning your move gets much easier. You can choose routes to avoid obstacles, or alter your timeline to arrive in the area prior to or after peak traffic periods. If you need help with this, give us a call – after 30 years in the business, we know the best way to get a moving truck through buy neighborhoods!