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How To Cut Moving Costs Without Losing Quality

There are a lot of ways to cut down on the cost of your move—but not all of them offer a reward that outweighs the risk. From hiring friends with bribes of pizza (though they may not show up or really stick around to help) to going with the cheapest moving quote, we’ve seen it all when it comes to customers trying to cut moving costs. While some ideas are pretty flawed (don’t move your fridge on a skateboard!), others have merit and can save you some money in the long run.

Used Moving Boxes

There is no reason why you cannot reuse moving boxes, assuming they’re still in good shape. The best places to check are local stores (grocery, hardware, electronics, etc) and even friends and family that have moved recently. Plan ahead—if you know you’re moving in a few months, pay attention to people around you who are moving. If they can’t reuse them, you’ll actually be doing them a favor by taking them off their hands.

Be Flexible With Moving Days

Moving rates can vary big time when it comes to certain days and times of the month. If you can be flexible enough to move on an off peak day and in the afternoon, you’ll save big on your move. Ask your moving company for quotes for different dates and times to compare your options.

Pack Early and Thoroughly

Avoid extra charges and fees by making sure you pack everything well in advance of your movers arriving. All too often customers wait until the last minute and then require assistance to complete packing on moving day. Make sure to have everything packed to avoid incurring additional costs.

Move What You Can In Advance

Moves are usually priced by cubic square feet—which roughly translates to “the less you move, the cheaper the price”. You may not have a choice about whether you have to pay to have your king bed and dressers moved—but you can certainly move small items on your own to avoid additional costs. Discuss alternate scenarios with your relocation consultant so you can make an educated decision about what is “worth your time”.

Ask About Deals & Specials

A common special includes a free month of storage between moving in and out of locations. This is especially helpful if you have a gap in your occupation dates. But you never know if there are deals if you don’t ask. This includes asking friends which companies they have moved with. Moving companies often have friends & family discounts for former customers—so if you know a former customer you may be able to cash in on a discount simply for knowing them! Between moving on an off day, leveraging customer referral discounts and borrowing used boxes in good condition, you can save hundreds of dollars in moving costs!