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Cross Country Moving Tips

New York to California? Florida to Oregon? Relocating across the country is a challenging but not uncommon move. Career changes, family circumstances or just the personal need for a fresh start are all motivations that can spark the need for coastal change and put you in need of efficient cross-country movers. We specialize in coast-to-coast moving, but first, let us offer some tips to simplify the process.

1. Focus on the Important Stuff

Once you settle into your new digs, you probably won’t want your old, easily replaceable furniture. Our cross-country moving trucks offer lots of space, but having less clutter means more care and attention handling the important stuff. Plus, moving across the country is a good opportunity to redesign your living space as you start fresh on your new coast. Naturally, you’ll want to bring a few items that remind you of your old home, so make those items count and bring a few that are especially meaningful.

2. Contact your Employer for moving assistance

If the motivation for your move is work-related, your company will likely contribute to your moving costs. Moving from coast to coast for work is not unusual, since so many employers have a presence in large coastal cities. Reaching out to your HR department to see what their policies are doesn’t hurt, and could help reduce costs and get you the most complete cross country moving service available.

3. Research your new neighborhood

Becoming familiar with the area you’ll be calling home before you arrive can simplify the moving process, especially when moving cross country. Being comfortable navigating around the area can help get you quickly acclimated to your new town, and can help make sure you have everything you need once the furniture is unloaded and boxes are unpacked. It is important that you feel safe in your new home, especially if it’s somewhere totally new. Even just knowing how to get to the closest hardware or grocery store for last minute essentials can make all the difference.

4. Secure your items

Invest in durable boxes and packing supplies, and make the most of them. Your items are safe on our truck, but fragile items should be packed with extra care into sturdy boxes to avoid possible damage that could come with the unavoidable bumps in the road. And since the road from coast-to-coast is long, you’ll want your personal belongings to be extra secure. Do not leave documents with personal info behind – Shred them.

5. Keep an open mind

Cross country moves can cause nervousness and worrying, but they should also be a source of excitement. Moving cross country is about as fresh of a start as you can get without leaving the US. Be open to a new beginning, as settling into a new home can be one of the most fun experiences of a person’s life. Plus, the move itself is a great opportunity to explore the country that you may not have otherwise seen.

Moving cross country can be both frustrating and exciting, so make sure you take the proper steps to make the most of the experience.