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Confessions of a Cheap Apartment Mover

Local Movers in NJ, Miami, Los Angeles, New YorkCheap and New York City do not often go in the same sentence. But spring has sprung with new opportunities right? New opportunities to save money and yet still move smoothly and efficiently. It seems like a catch 22 situation. If one chooses a cheap mover, they’re stuck with bad service, unreliable transport, and hidden fees. If one chooses a higher end moving company, it empties the wallet just a bit too much for comfort. I for one am always on the hunt for deals. I don’t like to pay a lot for what I don’t have to so that I can dedicate my money to other things. I’m sure most of you will agree, with NYC being at the cost of living that it is, every penny counts. I call myself a serial cheap apartment mover, I try to move as cheaply as I can while still getting good service. Does that make me a frugal person? Maybe. Does it save me a few dollars? Definitely!

The perfect apartment in New York is hard enough to find. I can never really commit to one apartment per lifetime, so it feels like I’m always on the move. Once I finally find that ideal condo actually within the budget, the daunting task of moving approaches. Like all people in the process of moving, the extra fees of moving often seem tedious and unnecessary. But I’m going to confess something – I’ve spent years researching. Researching the cheapest way to move efficiently and affordably. I like to consider it a craft, it takes time and skill to find the best deals while still maintaining quality.

Through being a serial cheap mover, I found Shleppers. I actually found it on a whim during a last minute move when I found the apartment of my dreams. I was to close in 3 days and hadn’t even started packing or moving yet. It was definitely last minute and I was panicked. But Shleppers was there to help me move. Rates start at $45 an hour so my frugal side was definitely pleased. I soon found out my incessant demand for great service was met as well and my move was done smoothly and yes, cheaply!

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Being a cheap apartment mover in NYC was a blessing and a nuisance. I was never able to settle with one moving company because I always thought I could find something cheaper with better service. What went from a hobby of searching moving company quotes across the city became a creative obsession through which I found Shleppers. You would be surprised at how many cheap moving options are available. There’s everything from college students with a truck on Craigslist to moving companies that charge $180 an hour, one company even boasting its $25,000 flat rate charge. But to that I say it is not needed, because I, a serial cheap apartment mover, finally found a balance.