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Itching to Start Spring Cleaning?

Itching to throw open those windows and air out your home in a fury of spring cleaning? Depending on whether you’re located near our New York, Miami, or Los Angeles branches, you might be feeling a little more (or a lot less) like spring is just around the corner. In addition to signaling the very inklings of the beginning of moving season, the arrival of spring often signifies a time of cleaning and renewal. Whether you’re moving this year or simply in need of some spring cleaning motivation, we’ve got you covered for how to get started.

Pace yourself

Your home didn’t get dirty, dusty or cluttered over night—and it probably won’t get fixed over night either. Start by breaking the work into smaller projects, going by room or by task, such as cleaning your bedroom top to bottom or by vacuuming all rooms. Assign yourself jobs and recognize milestones, such as breaking for lunch after you’ve successfully cleaned out your hall closet.

Check cleaning supply inventory first

Missing the right cleaner or dusting cloth can throw a serious wrench in your productivity—and kill motivation for getting tasks done. Do a quick inventory of your cleaning products and make sure to replenish any that might not make it through your spring cleaning before starting your projects. Running out of paper towels halfway through wiping down your kitchen won’t help you stay on track.

Start packing as you go

If you are planning to move this year, making progress on your packing is a great way to maximize your spring cleaning. Pack away anything you won’t need between now and your move as you go. This includes winter clothing and shoes, heavier blankets and knick-knacks and decorations. Pretty much anything you won’t have active use for can be packed away—and will help make your spring cleaning results that much better. After all, packing away all of this will surely reduce built up clutter!

Store items to create space and de-clutter

Whether you’re moving or simply short on space, utilizing a small storage unit for seasonal or temporary storage can help with your spring cleaning goals. Get moving boxes out of sight by moving them into your storage unit as you go—this will also help keep you organized and prevent feeling overwhelmed later. Don’t forget to keep a good inventory of individual box contents so you have an easy time moving out and unpacking later.

Enlist help

Get roommates, spouses and children in on the “fun” by creating challenges and adding some music to the mix. Spring cleaning is far more enjoyable when you can share the workload—and everyone will get to enjoy the rewards of a clean, shiny home. So whether you’re in a climate already singing with signs of spring—or desperately hoping the snow will melt—get started on cleaning with a team effort!